Marietta Pallis to Philippa Strachey

Scope and Content

Pallis writing from Nicosia, Cyprus. Thanks her for a splendid letter. Is sending her a series of photographs so as to give her an illustrated record of life out there. Describes how she has planted her friend Phil's grave and the cemetery generally with the flowers of all kinds. She will not be too unhappy to leave her there if she does not live to have her exhumed 'and brought to lie in the heart of the Double-Headed Eagle at Long Gores'. Has fixed 3 Jan as date of leaving as she is working at a little painting; Phil saw it and said 'I think you have something there'. A description given of various beautiful arid landscapes she has seen (Jordan and certain parts of Egypt and Sinai). A diatribe against 'internationalism' arising out of a conversation with various Egyptian students (teachers of English Lit.)