Ralph [Strachey] to Pippa [Philippa Strachey]

Scope and Content

Continuing about Allahabad. On the Thursday a garden party was given by Sir Arthur and Lady Strachey (Arthur 1858-1901 second son of Sir John Strachey in 1899 made chief of the high court at Allahabad) with a great Strachey dinner the following day. Retd to Dehri Bridge and was then summoned to meet Stone at Moghalsarai bringing drawings and calculations of certain points and crossings. All passed off well. On the way back just missed a train which was badly smashed up (two railway chairs had been put on the line) he saw the results. Mr and Mrs Stone have come and gone. He is 'getting heartedly sick of living in the wilderness...not much scope for distinction...never see anybody you care two pence for... is rather dreary and I can't help thinking it isn't worth while'. Asks for advice from Pa and Ma. Sent from Dehri Bridge.