Executive Committee Minutes

Scope and Content

Includes some Agendas and Papers

This set of minutes was handed over by the British Federation after it was wound up. It was made up of copies used by the Secretariat, except that those for 1965 were the signed copies of the duplicated minutes together with a few for other meetings. No minutes for the period Jul 1955 to Dec 1956 were transferred to the Fawcett Library.

6BFB/1/1/17 contains the Agendas for monthly meetings 10 Mar 1969 to 22 Sep 1969, but there are no Minutes for these meetings with the records transferred.

Related Material

The Executive Committee met usually once a month except Aug, and it prepared a lengthy Report for each year, this being presented to the Annual General Meeting. Copies of these Reports are with the Papers and Minutes for the Annual General Meetings.