Agendas, reports, notices and papers

Scope and Content

Agenda, Nominations (2), Report for 1952 (draft and final), Resolutions, Accounts, no Minutes for 17 Mar 1953

Agenda, 3 letters from General Secretary to Miss Knight, Nominations, Report for 1953 with Appendix A, Summary Report of the first Annual General Meeting, of the Standing Conference on the Economic and Social Work of the United Nations (UN), Resolutions of 19 Jan and 17 Mar, BF Sub-Committees 1954/5, Accounts, no Minutes for 30 Mar 1954

Report for 1956 and Minutes for 28 Mar 1957

Notice, Agenda/Resolutions, Report for 1957, Nominations, Accounts, Minutes for 19 Mar 1958

Notice, Agenda, Nominations (2), Report for 1958, (signed and unsigned copies), Accounts, Minutes for 17 Mar 1959

Notice, Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting to consider motion to dissolve the Federation 31 Mar 1960 for 1 Mar 1960

Notice, 2 amending notices, Agenda (2), nominations, Emergency Resolution/List of Officers, Report for 1959 (2), Accounts and Minutes for 22 Mar 1960

Report of General Meeting to consider the Interim Report of the Ad Hoc Committee set up by Annual General Meeting Resolution on 22 Mar 1960 28 Jun 1960