The International Eisteddfod's history audio cassettes

Scope and Content

Cassette one contains: 'Mr Noel Bowen, the Chairman of the Eisteddfod since 1975. The concept of the Eisteddfod, the idea behind the festival. The early committee meetings and the various people who served on them. The early format of the Eisteddfod - the Queen's visit in 1953. Memories of the Oberkirken children's choir, the work of Mr Gwyn Williams. How the Eisteddfod has developed, the society of "Friends of the Eisteddfod". Conclusion of Mr Bowen's talk. The late Mr Ellis-Roberts, retired Town Clerk to the Urban District Council, Secretary of the Grounds Committee, 1947-1962.'

Cassette two contains: 'Mr J. H. Pierce, Secretary of the Grounds Committee 1963-1971. The work of the grounds committee, problems of the early days, catering, erecting marquees, memoires of the early Eisteddfods - moving to the new site. Love of folk dancing. Mr Pierce, chairman of the floral committee, responsible for all the floral arrangements. Memories of the early days, flowers collected from local gardens. Use of pig troughs as flower holders in the early days. How the displays are planned on wallpaper, methods of working intricate patterns for displays. Special memories of Llangollen.'

Cassette three contains: 'Mrs Lloyd-Jones, Chairman of the Hospitality Committee 1947-1955. The work of the hospitality committee, "Ration Books" given to the visitors in the early days - growth of accommodation requirements. A short talk with Mr Lawrence Roberts who was a milkboy, heard singing by Mr Tudor. A talk with a Bulgarian visitor, a member of the choir. The Bulgarian choir sings "Ave Verum"'.

Cassette four contains: 'Excerpts taken from various performances, showing the variety and truly International atmosphere of this festival'.