File. European March for Disarmament

Scope and Content

Correspondence of Inge Oskarsson/Jill Brealt, Stockholm, including letters from Maurice Cosyn, Union Fédérale (4); AJ Muste (2); John Conder (2); Bertrand Russell (3); April Carter; Ira Morris; Ismael Jezierski; Hugh Brock; Friends Peace Committee; Mary H Weik, American Federation of World Citizens (2); De Jeugd en de Wereldvrede; Monroe Smith, Youth Argosy; Dan Elwyn Jones, Youth CND; Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, Stockholm (2); Robert Falony (2); Valida Diehl; Frank Rogers (2). With letter of recommendation for Inge Oskarsson to attend meeting with Soviet Peace Committee in Veikars

Additional Information

File contains letters in English forwarded to April Carter. Letters in German forwarded separately to Helga Stolle, Hamburg