[Typescript chapters and sections on the historical…]

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Typescript chapters and sections on the historical development of Arabian musical theory, comprising. By H.G. Farmer. [Glasgow, c.1920-1940.]
1. Ancient Semitic theory (14p)
2. Foundations of Semitic theory (20p)
3. Pythagoras and the pythagoreans (5p with tables)
4. The Greek scholiasts (60p)
5. Untitled essay on 14th century (12p)
6. From the fall of Baghdad to the Turkish conquest (2 copies, 40p each, with tables)
7. The Turkish domination, 16th-18th century (19p)
8. Untitled essay on 16th-18th century (14p)
9. Al-Maghrib, 19th century (31p)
10. The modern period: the quarter tone system (14p)
11. The Masharokah school (20p., with tables)
12. The model melodies of Masharokah (17p., all tables)
13. The twentieth century (33p.)
14. The theory of numbers (3 versions, 5p. each)

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