Interviews with women involved in the Miners' Strike

Scope and Content

Transcripts of oral history interviews with women supporting the 1984-1945 miner' strike through the group Women Against Pit Closures.

The interviews cover the following topics: campaigning activity such as fund-raising, protest marches and meetings locally, in London and abroad; campaign songs; involvement in Women's Support Groups; relationships with and attitudes to feminist groups and the Women's Liberation Movement; national politics; Margaret Thatcher; Arthur Scargill; the unions; the police; picket lines; 'scabs' (non-strikers); public attitudes and media portrayal; family relationships; marriage; caring for children; movement out of the home sphere into the public arena; public speaking; female friendships; managing canteens; poverty.

The interviews are currently only available in anonymised form (held in 1 folder). Incidences of named individuals have been replaced with a running number [1], [2] etc. Where they occur the name of Betty Heathfield and the names of speakers at public events have been left in. Grammatical and spelling errors have been retained as in the original transcripts.