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These four items given to the office in September 1983 and allocated the accession number 3697 were found among the theatre's records but relate to the New Theatre, Oxford and the Kenton Theatre, Henley. The Kenton Theatre in New St, Henley was built 1805-6.According to John Southerden Burn's History of Henley (1861) it also served as a workhouse and a parish school.In 1853 whilst the church was being repaired divine service was held there. The proprietors of the theatre were the 'Penley's,Samson Penley and John Jonas.

The New Theatre, George St, Oxford was re-named the Apollo in 1977. Built in 1934 it is the fourth New Theatre in Oxford.The first was opened in 1833 in St.Mary Hall Lane, Oriel St.The third New in George St was opened in 1886, damaged by fire in 1892,altered in 1908 and demolished in 1933.The present building replaced it. For further information on the history of the New Theatre see the Victoria County History vol.4.

Catalogued by Madeleine Simms, March 1994.

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