Records Relating to the Winding Up of the Royal Architectural Museum

Scope and Content

Comprises of records relating to the winding up of the incorporated, limited private company, the Royal Architectural Museum and Westminster School of Art (RAM) and the vesting of its property in the Architectural Association (AA). Includes three copies of Heads of Proposed Agreement between the RAM and the AA, 1902; RAM Statements of Accounts, 1900, 1901; estimate of receipts and expenditure of RAM; and WSA, January 1902 to March 1903, dated October 1902; estimated of receipts and expenditure of RAM and WSA, March 1903 to June 1903, with supporting letter from William Pain, dated 30 March 1903; estimates and accounts of the costs involved in vesting the property of the RAM in the AA, 1902; nineteen copies of Memorandum of Negotiations between the RAM and the AA, 1902; correspondence regarding RAM deed box and schedule of contents, 06 September 1903; three copies of liquidator's account of receipts and disbursements, 1903; undated typscript sheet of the particulars as to additional expenditure incurred and savings made for the AA on taking on the Tufton Street premises; statements and legal opinions regarding legality of the proposed transferral of the Museum premises and contents to the AA, 17 February - 16 March 1903; Reports and Notices of Meeting to RAM Council and Members, 23 October 1902 - 03 April, 1903. Includes one covering letter from Maurice B Adams enclosing copies of documents [lost] relating to the history of the RAM and its Incorporation, 13 July 1905. Newspaper cutting from The Daily Chronicle, 10 August, 1903, regarding AA's take-over of the RAM.


As many of the documents only bear the year they were created in, records are arranged chronologically only by year.