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- 'The Anglican Group Educational Trust', 1973

- 'Why men priests? Effects of male domination in the Church', Movement pamphlet number 34, 1978

- 'Unless the fruit be tested...' by William Mckeachie, Jun 1978

- 'Women, the church and ministry. The role of women in the Church and Society today', Movement for the Ordination of Women

- 'The Right Time', John Austin Baker, Movement for the Ordination of Women, Feb 1981

- 'Women and authority in the Church - a scriptural perspective' George Carey, Movement for the Ordination of Women, 1983

- 'It happened in Xingxing' by Joyce Bennett, Jan 1984

- 'Women, the Bible and the priesthood' by John and Gillian Muddiman, Movement for the Ordination of Women, Oct 1984

- 'A fully human priesthood', Olive S Tomkins, Movement for the Ordination of Women, Jul 1984

- 'Hoping for women priests. Letters from two Roman Catholics', Movement for the Ordination of Women, 1987

- 'Women ordained abroad', Apr 1985

- 'A piece of string' poems by Michael Newby selected by James Hemmings, 1985

- 'Christian priesthood: its Biblical origins, historical developments, present role in the church' by Ruth Edwards, Group for the Ministry of Women in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1986

- 'Report of the Conference on Women's Ministry in the Church in Ireland' held on 11 Apr 1986, May 1986

- 'The ordination of women to the priesthood: a report by the House of Bishops', General Synod, Feb 1987


- 'Revelation and revolution' by Ann Cheetham from 'British Weekly' 29 Dec 1966

- 'Woman's church work in the Diocese of Salisbury' 1923-1975

- 'British receptivity to clergywomen: some preliminary findings' paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Chicago, Illinois Oct 1984

- 'Localism and sexism: do cosmopolitan do it better?' by Edward C Lehman, 1985

- 'Women clergy in England: the church members' response' by Edward C Lehman, Prof of Sociology

- order of service to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Rev Florence Li Tim Oi, first woman to be ordained priest in the Anglican communion, held on 21 Jan 1984

- 'St Paul and the women', Jan 1985

- 'If Jack?....Why not Jill?' extracts from Lambeth Conference report

- pages from 'Nothing Strange'

- pages in German no publication details