'Niẓām-i vaẓīfah' / 'نظام وظیفه' [transl. 'Compulsory Military Services'], Second draft

Scope and Content

Article by Fereydoun Djam on compulsory military service. Includes theoretical considerations on the provision of forces for emergency military operations, and creation of more durable military structures, strategic and budgetary analysis, comparisons with foreign models, especially France. Contains copy of first draft. Manuscript version of new chapter 'Rūsh'hā-yi ijrā-yi ṭarḥ-i pīshnihādī' / 'روشهای اجرای طرح پیشنهادی' [transl. 'methods in implementing proposal'] and a photcopy of ''Iḥtīyāṭ-i kul' / 'احتیاط کل' [transl. 'Military reserve'] Undated. Photcopy.

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