Myra Sadd Brown to her husband

Scope and Content

Writes from prison. Third letter in a fortnight but has not yet succeeded in getting a reply. One might be sent by another prisoner attending Assizes, or in hem of blue skirt to be sent in. Mentions book she is reading and would like him to read at same time. Very glad of books in French, German and Italian, but difficult to read without grammars and dictionaries; she could have these if she had a profession, but authorities cannot understand married woman wanting to study. Very interested to have Mrs Pankhurst and Dr Ethel Smyth in the same wing. 'Fancy these two great women sitting sewing all afternoon on garments for prisoners...why not put Asquith and Sir E Gray to blacking boots?' 'Dr Smyth is an individual of individuals, she fascinates me.' Very grateful for food sent in and mentions what she would like next time; 'Ivel cheese and cream dutch, RC jelly and another box of figs' 29 Apr earliest date she can be out, unless something unexpected happens at trial.