New Lendal Congregational Church, York

Scope and Content

Constitution, 1963.
Church meeting and leadership records, comprising Church Meeting minutes, 1816-1995; Deacons’ Meeting minutes (later Elders’ Meetings), 1886-1994; records relating to pastors, 1816-1961.
Church membership records, comprising registers of church members, 1816-1994; church year books, 1841; and correspondence, 1949-1960s.
Records of sacraments and services, comprising registers of baptisms, 1798-1990, marriages, 1948-1993, and funerals, 1962-1992; special services papers, 1879-1962; correspondence, 1924-1961; and sermon notes, 1832-1841.
Financial records, comprising general account books, 1924-1949; building accounts book, 1891-1902; balance sheets, 1889-1960.
Youth organisation papers, comprising Sunday School records, 1854-1970s; Girls’ Life Brigade records, 1960; and Boys’ Brigade records, 1962-1963.
Records of New Lendal Community House (previously New Lendal Institute), 1946-1964.
Building and property records, comprising deeds and legal papers, 1835-1960s; plans, 1956; and correspondence, 1902-1962.
Records relating to Mission and evangelism, 1880-1960s.
Records of social events and organisations and fundraising, 1892-1990.
Church magazines and news-sheets, 1897-1994.
Records relating to written histories of the congregation, 19th century-1997.
Pictures, photographs and prints, comprising engravings of Reverend Parsons, early 19th century; photograph of Russell Thomas, c.1888-1895; and interior of church at Harvest Festival, 1904.


The archive comprises the records of New Lendal Congregational Church, 1816-1972, and the United Reform Church of New Lendal, 1972-1995.


Further accruals are not expected.

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