New Lendal Community House (previously New Lendal Institute)


New Lendal Community House was based at the Burton Stone Lane Adult School, leased by the church from 1946. Originally, known as the Lendal Institute and housing a church youth group, it was renamed the Community House in 1949, with the avowed intention of promoting 'the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical welfare of Church members'. The House was to be open, on a subscription basis, to all Church members and their friends. A number of clubs met there from the beginning, ranging from the youth club to the Darby & Joan Club, and within months of opening rooms were also being hired out to other organisations. The Labour Party were one of the first to hire a room there, and from 1950 the majority of the church's income from the House came from the Rowntree Staff Club. The House came to an end in 1964, when the church was forced to relinquish the lease.

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