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Records of the Holywell Relief Area, 1930-1948, including petty cash account records, 1932-1947; weekly returns of person chargeable, 1932-1936; relief order books, 1931-1938; indoor relief lists, 1930-1939; Porter's books, 1930-1945; Medical Officer's report book, 1930-1933; Master's records, 1930-1943; Nurse's report books, 1941-1942; Visitors' report book, 1903-1948; salary and wages receipt books, 1931-1941; records of clothing and material, 1932-1942; records of provisions, 1931-1944; casuals admission and discharge books, 1930-1942; records of the officer in charge of the children's home, 1938-1943; Relieving Officer's records, 1936-1948; out-relief lists, 1943-1946; Collector's records, 1933-1948; and vaccination registers, 1944-1948.

The Holywell Relief Area was set up by the Flintshire County Council Public Assistance Committee, established in 1930 after the Local Government Act 1929. It had a number of roles, including the provision of relief to the poor, payments to old-age pensioners, vaccinations and relief to evacuees during the Second World War. The Relief Area was subdivided into the Districts of Holywell, Mold, and Whitford.

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