Alex Comfort Correspondence (Additional Papers)

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Letters to Alex Comfort from various correspondents concerning reviews of various works. Note that these items are additional to the main Alex Comfort archive, see ref: COMFORT.

Administrative / Biographical History

Born in London, 1920; educated at Highgate School, Trinity College Cambridge (Robert Styring Scholar, Classics, and Senior Scholar, Natural Sciences), and the London Hospital (Scholar); visited Buenos Aires and West Africa, 1936; refused military service in World War Two, 1939-1945; 1st Class Natural Science Tripos, Part I, 1940; 2nd Class Natural Science Tripos, 1st Division (Pathology), 1941; BA, 1943; married Ruth Muriel Harris, 1943; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Cambridge, 1944; Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Licentiate, Royal College of Physicians, London, 1944; MA, Cambridge, 1945; Diploma in Child Health, London, 1945; one son, Nicholas, born, 1946; Lecturer in Physiology, London Hospital Medical College, 1948-1951; PhD in Biochemistry, London, 1949; Honorary Research Associate, Department of Zoology, University College London, 1951-1973; DSc in Gerontology, London, 1963; Director of Research in Gerontology, Zoology Department, University College London, 1966-1973; President, British Society for Research on Ageing, 1967; first marriage dissolved and married Jane Tristram Henderson (d 1991), 1973; Clinical Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, 1974-1983; Professor, Department of Pathology, University of California School of Medicine, Irvine, 1976-1978; Consultant psychiatrist, Brentwood VA Hospital, Los Angeles, 1978-1981; Adjunct Professor, Neuropsychiatric Institute, University of California at Los Angeles, from 1980; Consultant, Ventura County Hospital (Medical Education), from 1981; member of the Royal Society of Medicine; member of the American Psychiatric Association; a prolific author, best known for books on sexual behaviour - in which he advocated greater sexual freedom, including the bestselling and widely translated 'The Joy of Sex' and its sequels - but wrote on a diverse range of subjects; an anarchist, and published works on anarchy; a pacifist, and active in the movement for nuclear disarmament; died in Banbury, Oxfordshire, 2000.

Publications include:

Fiction: 'No Such Liberty' (1941); 'The Almond Tree' (1943); 'The Powerhouse' (1944); 'Letters from an Outpost' (1947); 'On This Side Nothing' (1949); 'A Giant's Strength' (1952); 'Come Out to Play ' (1961); 'Tetrarch' (1980); 'Imperial Patient' (1987); 'The Philosophers' (1989).

Poetry: 'France and Other Poems' (1942); 'A Wreath for the Living' (1943); 'Elegies' (1944); 'The Song of Lazarus' (USA, 1945); 'The Signal to Engage' (1947); 'And All But He Departed' (1951); 'Haste to the Wedding' (1961); 'Poems' (1979); 'Mikrokosmos' (1994).

Plays: 'Into Egypt' (1942); 'Cities of the Plain' (1943); 'Gengulphus' (1948).

Songs: 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?' (1962).

Non-fiction: 'The Silver River' (1938); 'Art and Social Responsibility' (1946); 'First Year Physiological Technique' (1948); 'The Novel and Our Time' (1948); 'Barbarism and Sexual Freedom' (1948); 'Sexual Behaviour in Society' (1950); 'The Pattern of the Future' (1950); 'Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State' (1950); 'The Biology of Senescence' (1956); 'Darwin and the Naked Lady' (1961); 'Sex in Society' (1963); 'Ageing, the Biology of Senescence' (1964); 'The Process of Ageing' (1964); 'Nature and Human Nature' (1966); 'The Anxiety Makers' (1967); 'The Joy of Sex' (1972); 'More Joy' (1974); 'A Good Age' (1977); as editor, 'Sexual Consequences of Disability' (1978); 'I and That: Notes on the Biology of Religion' (1979); 'A practice of Geriatric Psychiatry' (1979); 'The Facts of Love' (1980); 'What is a Doctor?' (1980); 'Reality and Empathy' (1984); with Jane T Comfort, 'What about Alcohol?' (1983); 'The New Joy of Sex' (1991); 'Against Power and Death' (1994).

Translation: 'The Koka Shastra' (1964).

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University College London Special Collections also holds the Comfort Papers (Ref: COMFORT); letters to Alex Comfort from Os and Margaret Marron, 1945-1946 (Ref: MS ADD 111); a letter from Hugh Harris, 1953, one from Robert Greacen, 1965, and one from Philip O'Connor, 1968 (Ref: MS ADD 160); a letter from A C Boyd and reply by Comfort, 1956 (Ref: MS ADD 195); a letter to Comfort from Herbert Read, 1943 (Ref: MS MISC 4R); galley proof of Robert Greacen's 'Even Without Irene', 1968, including a description of Comfort (Ref: MS MISC 5G); various fiction and non-fiction publications by Alex Comfort.

State University of New York College at Buffalo holds correspondence and literary papers.