Material relating to Charlotte Auerbach

Scope and Content

Contains: A copy of Auerbach's PhD thesis, with handwritten corrections; Charlotte Auerbach's degree and honorary degree certificates, as well certificates relating various medals and prizes; correspondence with various societies and organisations; biographical papers relating to Auerbach collected by Geoffrey Beale in preparation of his biographical memoir of Auerbach for the Royal Society. These papers include copies of some of Auerbach's published books, cassette tapes of interviews between Beale and Auerbach and original papers of Auerbach's dating from the 1940s; notebooks and a microscope belonging to Auerbach.

Access Information

This material is open.

Acquisition Information

This collection is made up of various accessions, received at Edinburgh University Library Special Collections by transfer from the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences, as follows:
Coll-1266/1: Acc.2013/035
Coll-1266/2-3: E.2010.17
Coll-1266/4: E.2012.52
Coll-1266/5: Acc.15/014

Separated Material

The following books have been separated from this material and catalogued as part of the Rare Books collection:

Separated from Acc.2010.7: 'Freedom and Reality, Enoch Powell, Charlotte Auerbach's copy (Shelfmark: RB.S.2996);

Separated from Acc.99/027: 'Mutation Research' (1976) – with Auerbach's signature and inserted page of annotations (shelfmark: RB.S.2995); Russian edition of 'Mutation Research' (shelfmark: RB.S.2997); 'Heredity' (1965) – with Auerbach's signature (shelfmark: RB.S.2994); 'The Science of Genetics' (1962) (shelfmark: RB.S.2993).

Separated from Acc.15/014: Auerbach's copy of 'Studies in Mutagenesis, ed. F.H. Sobels (1969) (Shelfmark: RB.S.2908).

Related Material

Further material relating to Charlotte Auerbach can be found in the following collections:

EUA IN1/ACU/A1/4/2: The records of the Institute of Animal Genetics - biographical papers concerning Charlotte Auerbach;

EUA CA16/1/1: Science Studies Unit: recording of an oral history interview with Charlotte Auerbach (1971);

There are also a number of Auerbach's copies of books which have been catalogued in the Rare Books sequence (see 'Separated Materials'). In addition, there are also the following volumes: 'The Science of Genetics', Charlotte Auerbach: rev. ed. 1969, and editions in Russian and Japanese (shelfmarks: RB.S.2989-2991); and 'Adventures with Rosalind', Charlotte Austen (i.e. Charlotte Auerbach) (shelfmark: RB.S.2992).