Papers relating to the Tenants Association

Scope and Content

Comprises of council agenda, notes, information guides, newsletter, notice, chart, pamphlet.

* Information guide, 'Tenant's Associations and Estate Based Community Associations', c.1970.

* Information guide, 'Residents Associations and Residency Based Community Associations', c.1970.

* Pamphlet, 'Tenants Voice', No.16, produced by St Pancras United Tenants Association, c.1970.

* Notice, an appeal by After Six for office furniture and equipment, c.1972. After Six was set up in 1972 as an organisation and a service for the homeless with a specific concern for the childless homeless.

* Council agenda, 'London Borough of Islington Council Agenda', 31 Jul 1973.

* Chart and notes, 'Compulsory Purchase Order for Redevelopment or Rehabilitation - Generalised Procedure', produced by the Essex Road Women's Centre, c.1973.

* Information guide, 'Directory of Tenants and Community Associations Amended August 1974', produced by the London Borough of Islington Housing Department, Aug 1974.

* Newsletter, 'After Six Housing Advisory Service Trust Ltd.', produced by the Founder-Director of After Six, Gillian Diamond, Sep 1974.