Papers relating to work

Scope and Content

Comprises of minutes, flyer, notes, leaflet, reports, conference documents, course literature, press cutting, photographs.

* Flyer, Socialist Woman Manchester's Women's Liberation Conference, 1972

*Letter to conference attendees from the Socialist Woman Editorial Board, 1972

*Comparative wage statistics for women and men Oct 1969 - Apr 1971

*Conference paper 'For Equal Pay and Equal Work - Against Low Pay'

*Paper on 'Women and the Wage System', by Jean Gardiner, Aug 1973

*Flyer 'Why a Working Women's Charter?', produced by Noel Parker, Secretary of Islington Trade Council, c. 1974

*Minutes of the Islington Working Women's Charter Group, 6 Feb 1975

*Flyer 'Worker's Educational Association Islington and District Branch Courses 75 - 76', produced by WEA Secretary Mary McGuire, 1975. Includes a course taught by Sheila Rowbotham entitled 'Social Movements in Britain, 1850 - 1900'. Course taught by Jean Gardiner entitled 'Introduction to Economics' which relates to the paper she wrote on 'Women and the Wage System', Aug 1973.

*Report on Women and the Industrial Relations Bill, c. 1970

*Pamphlet, 'Letter from a Prisoner', detailing the exploitative labour system in place in prisons, c.1970

*Notes from workshop on 'Organising at the Workplace', c. 1970

*Press cutting, Jack Finnegan, 'Industrial Accidents: F*** a Doctor Call a Lawyer', in Industry, 17 Nov 1971

*Pamphlet, Picketing: Trade Unionist's Guide, Labour Research Department, 1 Apr 1972

* Pamphlet, Claimants Handbook for Strikers, c. 1972