Robert Valentine, Six solos [and anonyous duets]

Scope and Content

"Sonatas & Solos for Bassoons & Violincellos No I" (front cover); "Solo's for Bassoons 1." (f. 60r). Score. An anthology with five printed or manuscript sources, all music for violoncello or bassoon. The title for this whole anthology is from a pasted slip on front cover. Contents: 1) GALLIARD, John Emst. Six Sonatas for the Bassoon or Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord. London: John Walsh, [1733] -- 2) LANZETTI, Salvatore. Six Solos for two Violoncellos. Opera Seconda. London: I. Walsh, [1747] -- 3) [?VALENTINE, Robert]. Six solos. MS -- 4) ANON. "Solo's for Bassoons." MS -- 5) MARCELLO, Benedetto. [Six Solos for a Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord. Opera Seconda. London: I. Walsh, [1732].

The first manuscript item (the third in the anthology) is six solos for violoncello or bassoon and basso continuo (the bass is figured). Anonymous, with a suggested attribution to Robert Valentine (1674-c. 1735) by Peter Holman. No title-page for this particular collection of music, which is preceded by a blank page (with staves) inscribed "H. Mackworth - Recd. from Mrs. Bigge. 14 July 1777" (folio 46r). According to the Biographical dictionary of actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, managers, and other stage personnel in London, 1660-1800, ed. Philip H. Highfill Junior, Kalman A. Burnim, and Edward A. Langhans (Carbondale and Edwardsville, Ill.: Southern Illinois University Press, 1973-1994), John Biggs [sic] was a cellist in the London theatres from 1731-1739. John Bigg was a violinist, organist and bassoonist born on 24 March 1777. The Biographical Dictionary does not reveal if these men were related, and does not list any other musicians under this surname. 12-stave MS paper, in a single hand.

The fourth item in the anthology (ff. 60r-65v), entitled "Solo's for Bassoons I." (top of folio 60r), is actually four duets. These are presumably incomplete, for the fourth duet consists of a single movement; a stub remains after folio 65. Score, in a single hand (distinct from the copyist of the Valentine solos). 12-stave MS paper. The entire volume is through-foliated, in ink (by Mackworth?).