Giovanni Bononcini, Il trionfo di Camilla [opera]

Scope and Content

"Il Trionfo di Camilla / del Sigr. Gio: Bononcini / 1697".

Score. Giovanni Bononcini's 'Il Trionfo di Camilla, regina de' Volsci', with symphonies, ritornellos, arias and recitatives. The bass is figured. The title is taken from the title-page (f. 1r) of volume 1 (442/1). Although first performed in Naples, at the Teatro di Bartolomeo on 27 December 1696, Lowell Lindgren has identified the Mackworth copy as pertaining to a revised revival, under the title "La Rinovata Camilla, Regina de Volsci", in the Teatro Capranica, Rome, on 18 January 1698. Lindgren notes the watermark and binding are the same as for volume 2 (442/2); this manuscript apparently includes several scribal idiosyncracies, including written-out da capos (one of which is an error) and several cancelled mistakes.