"Tarentini" [Giuseppe Tartini?] [sonatas]

Scope and Content

"Tarentini's Sonatas / Manuscript / No. 10".

Score. Ten sonatas for violin or flute and basso continuo (bass is figured). Title from pasted label on front cover. Title-page is inscribed "Sonate a Violino / solo col Basso Continuo / o pure Per il Flauto Traverso / Tarentini". The attribution on the title-page has been altered from "Tartini", i.e. Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770). However, no concordances were found in Paul Brainard's "Le Opere di Giuseppe Tartini [ ... ]" (Padova: Accademica Tartiniana di Padova, 1975).

Recent research by Maria Grazia Melucci suggests that these sonatas are unlikely to be the works of "Tarantino" (a pseudonym for Francesco Nicola Fago). The possibility that these are the works of Francesco Valentini (c. 1680-c. 1746), suggested by Enrico Careri, has not yet been confirmed (Enrico Careri, ‘Giuseppe Valentini (1681-1753): Documenti inediti’, Note d’Archivio, 5 (1987), pp. 69-125). Wrapper: thick, rough paper, formerly pink. 12-stave MS paper. In a single hand. Pagination [sic] marked in ink.