[Various airs for recorder]

Scope and Content

[Airs for recorder]. Parts (1st rec?). First recorder (?) part for dances and other pieces, all anonymous. Casing: leather with gold tooling. No title-page, nor attribution. Dutch Marble endpaper. Stub before f. 1, and after f. 38. Inscribed "John Forster in Bell Yard next door to the Sugar Loafe. nigh Lincons Inn" on back endpaper. 4-stave MS paper. Stub of removed folio between ft. 3 and 4. Volume reversed from folio 37v. In a single hand, except for ff. 37v-38v.

Some items are copied from 442/39h; all concordances are listed below, the numbers in brackets (given after the foliation) were assigned to individual dances in 442/39h. The concordances may vary slightly in terms of melodic and ornamental detail. Where concordances are found with 442/39h, the musical incipits are found in the pertinent entry for that volume.