Nicola Matteis [Dances, parts for 2nd violin]

Scope and Content

"The 2d: Treble". Parts (2nd vn). See catalogue entry for 442/39b for further details. The title is from the inner front cover; all items are anonymous in this source. Casing: leather with gold tooling. 4-stave MS paper. Same paper and scribe as 442/39b. In a single hand.

The contents are not entirely identical with the other copy of the second treble, 442/39d: concordances are given in the individual entries for 442/39b, while the one additional air in 442/39d is noted below. In addition, there are some differences in rhythmic details and written-out ornamentation.

[Air] (442/39c only), on 74v

Key: C

Tempo: [C]

Medium: vn