[Various operatic arias]

Scope and Content

"Arie dal / Signr. Aulett[a] / Feo, &c. / per il Flaut[o]".

Short score. Miscellaneous operatic arias by Leonardo Vinci ("Catone in Utica", 1728; "Semiramide", 1729), Francesco Feo ("Ipermestra", 1728), Leonardo Leo ("Arianna e Teseo", 1721, revived 1729), Giovanni Fischietti ("Capranica", n.d.), Pietro Auletta ("L'Ezio", 1728) and J. A. Hasse ("La sorella amante", 1729), followed by a collection of arias from "L'Alessandro nell'Indie" by Leonardo Vinci (Rome, 1730). Considering its contents, this manuscript would seem to date from around 1728-30, which fits in with the time during which Fichietti is known to have been active. The title of the whole volume is taken from its spine. Casing: vellum. Each aria is preceded by a title-page which includes the opening incipit as part of the title. The headings for the arias from Vinci's "L'Alessandro nell'Indie" (from folio 49r) observe a different format: "L'Allesandro nell'Indie / [opening incipit] &c. / Del Sigr: / Leonardo Vinci". 10-stave MS paper. Two scribes, one copying the miscellaneous arias, the other those from Vinci's "L'Alessandro nell'Indie" (from f. 49r). Ritomelli apparently omitted. Foliation added while cataloguing. The identification of the Hasse source was supplied by Roland Dieter Schmidt.