Johann Adolf Hasse, Artaserse [opera]

Scope and Content

[Artaserse] "del Sigr. / Hasse".

Score of selected arias (not in sequence) from Johann Adolf Hasse's "Artaserse", on the basis of Lbl Add.M 32582. Hasse's "Artaserse", set to a text by Pietro Metastasio, was first performed in Venice at the Teatro San Giovanni Gristosomo in February 1730. Each aria has, as its title, "VENETIA 1730 Del Sigr. Gio: Adolfo Hasse Detto il Sassone". The title is taken from the spine. Casing: vellum. Incomplete: stubs of three folios remain before f. 1. The bottom half of f. 16 has been cropped (no music lost). 8-stave (sometimes 10-stave) MS paper. In a single hand. Gatherings are numbered: "3" on f. 4. Foliation added when catalogued. The instruments are not indicated in this source; the "basso" (here catalogued as "bc") is not figured. Information taken from other sources for this opera, supplied by Roland Dieter Schmidt, is given in square brackets in the note area of each entry.