Johann Adolf Hasse, Didone abbandonata [opera]

Scope and Content

"DIDONE ABBANDONATA / Drama per Musica / del / Sigr: G. Hasse".

A full score of the sinfonia and arias from Johann Adolf Hasse's "Didone Abbandonata", set to a text by Metastasio. Recitatives are lacking. This opera was first performed in Hubertusburg on 7 October 1742. The title-page has a green musket/branch cartouche enclosing the title. Casing: green-gold board. In a single hand. 7-stave (sometimes 10-stave) MS paper. The singers named are from the premiere. Original foliation gives f. 11 as f. 12; the cataloguing was done from the corrected foliation. At the conclusion, "Il Fin del Opera / Didone Abbandonata". Paper, binding, and a title-page similar to M.C. vol. 13, but in a different hand. The instruments are indicated in this manuscript; 'bc' is given as 'basso' (not figured) in this source. Information taken from other sources for this opera, supplied by Roland Dieter Schmidt, is given in square brackets in the note area of each entry.