[Restoration Theatre Suites]

Scope and Content

[Restoration Theatre Suites]. Parts. Dance tunes for violin or flute, some with a bass. Peter Holman suggests these are mostly treble parts for Restoration Theatre Suites, dating from circa 1690. No title-page. Most tunes are without titles, and are anonymous unless otherwise indicated.

Casing: leather, with gold tooling. "Mackworth" is inscribed on folio 1r. From folio 1r to 23r the dances are numbered consecutively, starting with "3" (the dance on folio 9v is unnumbered). Occasional numbering thereafter seems to delineate suites (see ff. 41r-42r; 46v-48v). Many proportional metric signs are used (especially where the cataloguing notes give the metre in square brackets); some of these are described in the note area to individual entries. The bass parts are not figured. 4-stave MS paper. Watermark includes the initials "P R". Some folios have been torn out (between ff. 40-41, 47-48, after f. 50). In several hands. The volume is reversed for ff. 25v, 26v, 49v, 50v.