Nicola Matteis [Dances, parts for 1st violin]

Scope and Content

"The First Trebles". Parts (1st vn). Incomplete set of parts for dances arranged in suites by key (bass missing). For the second treble, see 442/39c and 442/39d. Identified by Peter Holman as "Book 5" of the series of "Ayres for the Violin" published (apart from this volume) by Nicola Matteis, with concordances at British Library Hirsch IV 1633 and Edinburgh University Library, Panmure MS 9464. Volumes 1-4 of this series were all first issued in 1685. The title is from the front endpaper; all items are anonymous in this source. The Mackworth second treble parts are unique. Casing: leather with gold tooling. 4-stave MS paper. Watermark: Coat of arms containing a fleur-de-lis, and the initials "P T". In a single hand (the same as 442/39c).

Contents (and concordances with the other volumes) are given below: titles of pieces are taken from 442/39b unless otherwise stated. Original pagination [sic] in ink. Foliation added for cataloguing. Each air also has 1-2 numbers at its head (not included in the catalogue entries); the numbers do not always agree amongst the three volumes. In the part of each entry where the metre is given, quotation marks around a "2" or a "3" indicates the original has a slash through the number. Many additional proportional metric signs are used in this source.