Joseph de Torres [and other Spanish composers] [cantatas]

Scope and Content


Score. Eighteen Spanish cantatas for solo voice and accompaniment by Joseph de Torres, Federico, [Contreras], Duron, "D.F.D.R.C", Pedro Rabazza, Anto[nio] Literes and Father Joachin Zanduey. Carerras (see below, p. 119), dates this manuscript to c. 1710. The title is taken from the front cover. Spine title: "Cantata / Hispan / -iola". Contents of this volume are listed on the front endpaper. Paginated [sic] in ink. Casing: vellum over paper. 10-stave MS paper. In a single hand. The form of these cantatas, as presented here, deviates from the format adopted for other volumes of cantatas in this collection, following instead that adopted by Carreras (below, p. 114). He posits an Italian origin for this manuscript, based on the spelling and the paper, which is identical to that used for Handel's Rodrigo (below, p. 111, n. 11). For further information see Juan Jose Carreras, "Spanish Cantatas in the Mackworth Collection at Cardiff," in Music in Spain during the Eighteenth Century, ed. by Malcolm Boyd and Juan Jose Carreras (Cambridge University Press, 1998), pp. 108-22.