John Christopher Pepusch [sonatas] and Francis Werner [cotillion]

Scope and Content

"Manuscript Sonatas / No. 7".

Score. Sixteen sonatas for violin and basso continuo by John Christopher Pepusch (1667-1752). Anonymous in this manuscript, but see GB Lbl Add. MS 31532 (ff. 52v-56v) and Herbert W. Fred, "The Instrumental Music of Johann Christoph Pepusch" (unpublished dissertation, University of North Carolina, 1961). The 1909 "Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum" only gives a precise printed concordance for one of these pieces, telling us that the "Piece unnamed" on Add. MS 31532 folio 54v is No. 17 of Pepusch's [XXIV] "Solos for a Violin" (London: J. Walsh, [1710?]).

With the volume is a loose slip of 3-stave MS paper, 100 x 300mm (4to), with the melody for "8[?] Cotillion", "L'Ordonance", which appears in Francis Werner's "Three New Minuets, with Six favorite Cotillions and figures, for the Harp, Harpsichord, Or Violin [...] by Francis Werner" (London: Printed for John and Gerard Vogler, [1780?]); see M.C. vol. 111 (see printed catalogue, p. 201).

The title is from a pasted slip on the front cover. Casing: leather with blind tooling. 12-stave MS paper. In a single hand. The Front endpaper is inscribed, "Kellegrin / History". A faded inscription on the back cover reads "Richard B. / C". The bass is figured; the instrumentation is not specified. For these sonatas, the home key of each is given, rather than the keys of each individual movement.