Nicola Matteis, The second treble of the third and fourth parts

Scope and Content

[The Second Treble of The Third and Fourth Parts, Preluds Fuges Allemands etc. with some Additions and new Tunes By Nicola Matteis. Napolitano / The Second Treble of The Fourth Part some Peeces Harder then ye former By Nicola Matteis. Napolitano].

Parts. Manuscript version of the printed copy in M.C vol. 109 (see printed catalogue, p. 138); the British union-catalogue of early music printed before the year 1801, ed. Edith B. Schnapper (London: Butterworth Scientific Publications, 1957) and the Catalogue of printed music in the British Library to 1980 (London: K. G. Saur, 1981) give a date of [1687].

No title nor attribution in the manuscript. As Christopher Maxim notes, there are minor variants between the printed and manuscript copies, mainly in terms of written-out ornamentation. In "The Fourth Part", the printed copy has, at the numbers 32-33, a "Motivo con qualche cambiamento" (M.C vol. 109, f. 17r); the manuscript has a C-major "Prestissimo" in cut time (f. 43r). Also in "The Fourth Part", the manuscript copy omits the "Secondo Soprano" part found at numbers 42-43 of the printed version (f. 22v); the tenore parts of printed and manuscript versions differ in the final four bars. The manuscript copy omits the last eight movements found in the printed copy of "The Fourth Part" (numbers 82-92 in the printed version, from its f. 49r), but has "Finis" after its final piece ("No. 78. Aria", f. 58v).

One or two numbers, in a consecutive sequence, head each movement. The idiosyncratic numbering between manuscript and printed versions does not always agree. Casing: leather with gold tooling. All Mackworth volumes with music by Matteis have the same binding, which features a gold rectangular frame the corners of which sprout a floral design (possibly a rose, a thistle, plus another, unidentified flower). 4-stave MS paper. Apparently in a single hand (except f. 32v). Stubs of missing folios after ff. 24, 57. Foliation added when catalogued. "The Fourth Part" starts on f. 34r.