Tomaso Albinoni, Op. 7, no. 6 [oboe concerto]

Scope and Content

"Concerto / Con Flauto quinta". Part (ob). Instrumental part (solo oboe) of a concerto. No cover, nor title-page. "Concerto"; "con Flauto quinta" is at the top of the music on folio 1r. Anonymous in this manuscript; identified by Richard Platt and Michael Talbot as the solo part for the oboe concerto Op. 7, no. 6 by Tomaso Albinoni, which was published in Amsterdam, 1715. 10-stave MS paper. In a single hand. Talbot notes that the solo part has been written in a transposed notation for the descant recorder, but the key is notated incorrectly in this manuscript (here the first movement has two sharps, although the music is actually in G major). Faded cues are written in pencil. For the first violin part of this concerto, see 442/29/2.

Key: [G]

Tempo: ¢; 3/4 (Adagio); 6/8 (Allegro)

Medium: rec