[Various English repertory]

Scope and Content

A miscellaneous anthology of chiefly English repertory. Score. Song melodies, hymns, Gottfried Keller's rules for tuning keyboard instruments (1707), songs from the opera "Arsinoe" (1705), keyboard pieces and arrangements. No title-page. Anonymous unless otherwise indicated. The composers named or identified include: Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1669-1707), Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), Raphael Courteville (fl. 1687-1735), and John Weldon (1676-1736).

Casing: leather with blind tooling. Leaves have been torn out before the front endpaper, between ff. 13 and 14, ff. 16 and 17, ff. 37 and 38, and after f. 41. Volume reverses from f. 12v. Two folios of the front endpaper are covered with inscriptions and random jottings in various hands, including, on the first: "The 5th of March: 1704/5", "Herbert Mackworth" (dark ink); "Robt Mackworth", "London" (light ink). On the second, "Herbert Mackworth", "Kingsmill", "William Mackworth" (dark ink); "Mr Mackworth", "Mr Deslormes" (light ink, same hand).

6-stave MS paper. The music is in several hands. Foliation added when catalogued. Where the key or time signature has not been supplied, these are provided in square brackets. Where the correct key or time signature is difficult to determine, "?" has been added. The instrumentation for the arrangements of vocal tunes has been conjectured (usually flute or guitar); these arrangements do not supply the text, apart from the opening incipit.