Scope and Content

To John Wesley, demanding to know in answer to his last letter how any woman, who owes two years rent and expects daily to have her home taken away, can consider the state of the Church in Germany.

She gave all her money to her husband [Robert Harper], when he went to Derbyshire, but he can barely maintain himslf let alone pay her back. Many of her clothes have been sold to buy food, her health is poor, and she is facing eviction.

She criticises him for spending his money in travelling to Germany to visit Count Zinzendorf, instead of helping his own sister. God would surely be more pleased to see John alleviating her distress, instead of him preaching to thousands 'where you have no business'.

John married her to Robert Harper, and then abandoned her when the marriage began to fail. If her soul is damned because of her suicide, then the blame will rest with him.