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  • Reference
      GB 133 DDWes/6/33
  • Former Reference
      GB 135 DDWes/6/33
      GB 135 Wesley Letters Black Folio, page 43.
  • Dates of Creation
      11 Nov.1791

Scope and Content

From Sarah Wesley to Sally Wesley at [Mrs Whitcomb's house in Margate, Kent]. Reference is made to Sally's wish to remain in Margate.

Sally's brother's last scholar has temporarily moved away from London. Miss Dashwood should not be neglected as she pays more than the scholars who come on [John] Worgan's recommendation. Reference is made to a visit by Sally's brother to Lady Byrd's house accompanied by Colonel Jones.

Sarah answered [Hugh] Pine's letter yesterday re the families financial links with the Methodist Church through the sale of books. Despite several requests Sarah has been unable to recover her book of psalms from Dr Thomas Coke and the preachers she has heard that it is in the hands of Dr [John] Whitehead.

She wishes that Sally would urge that Mr Collinson allow her to sell £100 worth of stock as it is a good time, and in any case she is receiving less interest from the bank than from the Book Room.

Dr Shephard has just called in. He is trying to attract more of Mr Worgan's scholars to Sally's brother. If something is not done soon, they will have to leave this place in which case they will need money to settle their debts here.

Why does Sally 'play such tricks with medicine especially laudanum'. She should be more careful of her health.

In a postscript she asks to be remembered to Mrs Whitcomb and Dr and Mrs Brace. Mrs Virdion sends her regards.

Cook is leaving today and will not be missed.