Scope and Content

From Ramsgate, Kent, to Sarah Wesley in Chesterfield Street, Marylebone, London, describing her journey to Ramsgate accompanied by Mrs Keene. It was somewhat marred by the lack of postal facilities.

A road accident on a previous occasion is described in great detail.

There has been a misunderstanding re the rent charged for lodgings at Mary Wardes house, and Mrs Keene and Sally have therefore found themselves a better house to rent at just eight shillings a week.

She has received a letter from Mrs Anderdon, which speaks very well of Sarah and brother Charles. She also mentioned that Charles has expressed a wish to join Sally in Ramsgate for a week - Sally does not think that it would be worthwhile for such a short period, especially as Mrs Keene's children will soon be arriving. However, he would be most welcome. Mrs Anderdon also feels that Sarah is not looking well.

She has not bathed today as she needs to rest after the long journey.