Scope and Content

To John Wesley, re the importance of private prayer and reaching an understanding of the power of God.

She must respectfully disagree with Messrs Clayton and Hall, re displays of 'visible superiority', as this can lead to hypocrisy.

Ordinarily she can see no harm in John and his companions talking sometimes of secular matters in their meetings, but if it is proving harmful, then they must devote themselves entirely to spiritual concerns.

Reference is made to her recent argument re religion with a 'certain person' [Samuel Wesley?], which she would have written to John about were it not for the cost of postage. In any case the person concerned has recently contradicted himself in two of his sermons.

She cannot agree with Mr Hall's refusal of the offer of a living.

She approves entirely of John's activities, except to say that he should perhaps spend more time in meditation, as this fosters spirituality.

In a postscript she mentions that Charles has not written since leaving Epworth.