Scope and Content

From RW [Rebecca Waller?] in Hereford, to her cousin Samuel Wesley in Charles Street, Bristol,thanking him for his letter.

She trusts that Samuel's father and brother had an enjoyable stay in Gloucester. Mr Taswell saw them there and remarked on how well they both looked, and how tall Charles had grown.

Aunt Beck [Rebecca Gwynne] is still unwell, and RW's brother [Thomas Waller] has a cold. She hopes that Samuel's mother is feeling better.

RW's family is to return soon to Islington near London, which has pleased mother. Father [James Waller] has managed to obtain lodgings opposite their old home.

Samuel should pass on her respects to the family, and to Prudence. Sally should be reminded that RW is expecting a letter from her.

In a postscript, RW rebukes Samuel for writing to cousin B before him - she supposes that it is because B is a young lady.

Has Sally received a letter from Miss Heron? If she intends writing to Heron, then she should write direct to her at the house of Mr Waller in Lovell Court, Paternoster Row, London, as there is a ship due to leave.

She apologises for the state of her handwriting, which is caused by her sister having stolen her pen.