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From Marylebone, London, to Sally Wesley at the house of Miss Jones in Bristol, hoping that Mrs W [Charlotte Wesley] and the children are feeling better. When Samuel left Marylebone this morning to return home, he was complaining of feeling unwell.

They were visited this morning by Mrs Arnold and her daughter, but they did not stay long, because of the building work being carried out on the Wesley's house.

Aunt [Rebecca] Gwynne met mother last Sunday, and has also dined with Mr Phips. Everybody is trying very hard to comfort her following the death of her sister.

Reference is made to several family friends, including Mrs Anderdon, [Hannah] Moore, Mr Cotton, and Mrs Sheppard.

The King was saved by the intervention of providence. If father and Uncle John were still alive they 'would no doubt thunder the old text of St Paul's'.

Reference is made to the question of legal ownership of Methodist preaching houses, and the rights of the Wesley family.

Their mother is unable to accommodate Sally and the children [Samuel Wesley's?] just yet.