Scope and Content

[Letters from Euston Street, near Euston Square, London].

From Mr J Gounstell(?) in Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street, London, on behalf of Samuel Wesley, to Robert Glenn, re the will of the late Sally Wesley.

He understands that Charles Wesley has given authority to Glenn to collect together all the family property. Samuel is afraid that if this is done then the people with whom Charles is living will poison his mind against his brother.

Mrs Mortimer has possession of the will, and has agreed to surrender it to either Glenn or Samuel, as long as Charles as Sally's executor gives his permission in writing.

It should be possible to see Charles alone for a few minutes to get him to sign the assent. He is thought to be staying with either Miss Jeffries or Mrs Green.

Urgent action on this matter is required to prevent pressure being placed on Charles by 'that other party'.