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From Mary Vazeille in London, to John Wesley in Newcastle on Tyne, re his 'laconic' letter from Edinburgh asking her to give £100 to [Hugh] Pine, and £50 each to 'John at Ley', and the papermaker. If she had not known him better, she might have been surprised at the letter - has he forgotten his previous instructions, that £200 be given to Pine (in addition to the £50 given him by Charles Wesley), and the rest to Kingswood School? In any case Mr Lewis called on May 16th, and collected all the money that she could find.

'Honest John Parson' [a reference to John Wesley himself?] is slandering her wherever he goes, saying that she is witholding money belonging to her husband. Moreover her stay in Bristol was made a misery by the behaviour of J Allen and 'your quondam' Mary Maddon, whose antics had even aroused an argument with the Society stewards.

It is unfair to attack her for merely defending herself.