Scope and Content

To John Wesley, re her jealous anger at not receiving a letter from him until recently.

During his visit to Worcestershire she expects that he saw 'Varanes' [Sally Kirkham]. It is not surprising that John neglects his sister 'for the sight of such a woman'.

She was very annoyed that he sent a parcel of plays to Anne, and a letter to Hetty. Her anger however disappeared upon receiving of his letter.

She has read Anne's plays several times, as she enjoys a good play.

Emily is going to Lincoln again, which is a good thing, as her health is not improved by the family's poor financial state.

When Mr Hargraves and his family returns to Lincoln, either her or Kezzy will go to live with them. She does not wish to return on the same terms as before. Mary is only staying at home, because she cannot get away.

Her father has been to Louth to see Hetty. It was fortunate that she was confined to her bed before he got there, as he might otherwise have said something 'that none that deserves the name of a man would say' to a woman in her condition. Her child has since died, and her husband [William Wright] imprisoned? for debt.