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[Letter written to Lincoln College, Oxford.] From Lincoln, to John Wesley, regretting that Kezzy had lost his last letter before she could read it.

She has been very sick, and were it not for the care of Dr Greathead she might have died.

Her father called before Christmas, and in spite of the coldness between them she passed on John's enquiry about the tithes. Samuel Senior is inclined to manage them himself - 'I frankly gave my opinion against it, but that may make him do it the sooner'.

There has been nothing said about her going home, and she has not mentioned it. During her father's visit, he discussed the matter with a friend, whose wife 'according to an old laudable custom' promptly told Emily. Besides it is now too late as notice would have to be given to Mrs Taylor.

She asks him to see 'L' (Robert Leyborn) re the accusation levelled against him by '_ Wes'. She would dearly love to see John and Leyborn become friends.

John should pass on Mrs Taylor's compliments to Charles, and tell him that her daughter Peggy has had the toothache since he left. Miss Kitty says that Charles is a 'saucy cur', and that she will 'turn him off' for not visiting her at Gainsborough.

She warns John that their father is not well-disposed toward him, and does not consider him to be 'a good son or friende. For her part she regards Samuel Senior with great bitterness, and so unhappy is her existence that even the thought of death seems attractive.