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Photocopied letter to Thomas Roberts, thanking him for the gift of the portrait of John Wesley, and also for the kindness shown by the 'dear Methodists' to his brother Samuel. Much of the blame for his brother's behaviour can be attributed to his wife, who refuses to live with him, and yet spends all his money, while his views on polygamy were influenced by Martin Madan's book. Charles knows that Samuel was very much moved by the Methodist meeting of the other day, and that he even accompanied their singing on the piano.

He trusts that the Roberts family are well, and refers to his fond memories of the kindness shown to him by Roberts's aunt.

His sister is unfortunately becoming increasingly short-sighted. The doctors believe that this is due to her abstemious life-style, which has affected her digestive system. Her spirits however remain high.

He hopes that the Kingswood community [School?] continues to prosper.