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From Clifton near Bristol, to Sarah Wesley in Chesterfield Street, Marylebone, London, describing the inclement weather, which has largely confined her to the house, which is however very warm and comfortable. She has not been to Bristol at all, except on Sundays. Miss Hill is close by.

Bankruptcies are common, and people are tending to blame the war with France and the government.

She has met with Mrs Horne, who has recently heard of the death of her son in the East Indies.

Sally saw Mrs Ireland in Church, and recieved an invitation to call. Mr Ireland is abroad, but was well when heard from last. Mention is made of the restrictions on foreign travel without passports.

Her regards should be given to Miss Harris. There is very little chance of Harris obtaining a position as a governess in Bristol, as families are able to employ French refugees very cheaply. She may have more chance in Bath, Somerset.

Sally's health remains poor.

Dr [Edmund] Ludlow has become very religious.

Mr Birkin(?) is very weak, and Mrs Ford very worried about her chides health.

She is pleased that Charles refused Mr Gwynne's offer of payment for musical instruction.

She hopes that they may be able to visit Buckland, Brecknockshire, in the summer.

In a postscript, she asks her mother if she keeps one servant or two.