Scope and Content

To John Wesley at Lincoln College, Oxford, informing him of Mary's marriage to John Whitelamb. The happiness of his other sisters on such an occasion is marred by their inability to 'meet with an honest man'.

John has no reason to be angry with her for telling Patty of 'Whitelamb's affair', as it has been spoken of openly by Whitelamb himself. She had tried to persuade Mary not to marry him, but with no success. Indeed John himself should have reported that Whitelamb was 'an immoral man'. He should also inform Betty of the marriage, so that she does not write to Whitelamb any more.

She has determined not to speak in private to an unnamed man, as she would not like his reputation to suffer on her account. The gentleman concerned had no intention to be the 'destroyer of my peace', and is the only man outside the family that she has ever cared deeply about.