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From Deans Yard, Westminster, to John Wesley at Lincoln College, Oxford, discussing in detail certain points in a sermon that John had sent him, including a passage that he thinks could be taken as being aimed at their father.

Hetty has written re the death of her child, and her setting up of a school.

John has ample reason to reject John Lambert's request for a loan.

Their mother's determination to cut John's hair has surely something to do with its length.

He has not contacted their father re John's sermon, and he does not intend to do so except 'to strike hard at his heart'.

15 May 1727

On the reverse of the above is a letter bearing the same date to Charles Wesley, asking for an account of his visit to Gloucestershire.

Charles is quite right to save forty to fifty shillings a year by sub-letting his College rooms, as he cannot expect any more financial help from Epworth.

He is surprised that Charles has discovered that the money he has received from their father was borrowed from Samuel, as he had not wanted Charles to be told. In any case Samuel himself borrowed the money, after their uncle [Samuel Annesley?] had rejected their father's request for a loan.

Charles should pass on Samuel's respects to Mr Hutcheson, and give 3s 6d to Mr Sherman on his account.

He has recieved two or three letters from their father, none of which mentioned sending money to Charles 'tho by the breadth of your shoulders, one may guess you can scarce feed on air'.

His child [Samuel] is doing well, and his sister [Ursula?] sends her greetings.

He would be grateful if Charles and John would enquire re manuscripts of Juvenal in the College Libraries. He will pay for any collating that they do.