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      GB 133 DDWes/2/35
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      GB 135 DDWes/2/35
      GB 135 Wesley Brown Folio 2, page 43.
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      17 Feb 1758

Scope and Content

From Rev. John Fletcher in London, to Charles Wesley in the Horsefair, Bristol, as carried by [Thomas] Walsh. He describes in great detail the depressed state of his soul, when compared with the last time that he wrote.

He still preaches in French at Spitalfields [largely inhabited at this time by French Huguenots]. Hundreds gather to hear him, although as yet none appear to be deeply affected, and indeed the devil 'stirs up many to revile this foolishness… and the poor preacher'. He also preaches on three mornings a week at West Street Chapel to a congregation of between twenty and thirty people.

He is unable to carry out Charles's request as he is not acquainted with [Rev. Henry] Venn, and has spoken to [Revd Martin] Madden on just one occasion. He would rather not 'get acquainted with those that are on high', but would rather speak to the poor, and have 'more freedom to say before them have mercy on me a miserable sinner'.

He sees Mr Bernon sometimes, and would like that gentleman to take his place preaching in French, when Fletcher leaves London. In his opinion Mr Jones could fill the place left by [Thomas] Walsh.

[Annotated by Charles Wesley - John Fletcher walking humbly. ]